How to Find the best Painter For Your House

July 28, 2014

One of the simplest and least costly ways to add value to your house is painting. Painting your house can give a positive environment if it is done in a thoughtful and well executed way. Once your home is painted, you may even spend less for utilities. Using reliable methods and well-made paint may give your home a new look without requiring extreme maintenance.

How to Find the Best Painter for Your House?

The appearance of the house improves a lot when painting is done. So it is important for you to find the best exterior and interior painter for your house. You can follow these tips to get the best painter for your house.

Ask Around

Get referrals from neighbors, friends and acquaintances to find out the quality painter. Look out the painting and ask for the experiences they had with their painters. Local and actual paint supply stores can also help you up.

Get Estimates from Different Contractors

Get the price estimates for painting your house from at least three contractors. If the prices differ widely, ask them what they are including and what not.

Interview the Candidates

Take an interview of each candidate and ask questions like how long has he been in business, is he insured or not, does he have required licenses, does he perform the work himself or subcontract, the products they use and may more.

Be Specific What You Want

Tell him clearly what your needs and requirements are, the finishes and the colors you want, and the areas which need to be painted. Be specific about the project.

Pay Attention to the Contractor’s Behavior

Pay attention to the behavior of the contractor when you meet him. Observe his attitude, demeanor and actions. Check whether the contactor has a sense of professionalism or not. See if he is busy and business like. Check out his courteousness and make sure that he is well experienced in the field. See that he returns your calls timely and whether he is prepared and punctual to conduct the interview when scheduled. Ensure that he carries liability insurance to cover damages that might occur while the work.

Check References

Check the work that the contractor has done previously and ensure that you speak directly to the past customers so that you know more about his work.

Review the Contract

Once you have selected the right contractor verify with him that what needs to be painted, the colors to be used, the expected time of completion and how would he be paid.

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